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S.M.T Direct Importers • Wholesalers

Prepared Vegetables

We source and supply the highest quality fruit and vegetables to all the major UK and Irish wholesale markets and right across the service industry, including restaurants and hotels across London.

Aubergines Diced
Aubergines Sliced
Beetroot Baton
Beetroot Cocotte 20gr
Beetroot Cooked Diced
Beetroot Olivetti 10gr
Beetroot Olivetti 15gr
Beetroot Raw Diced
Beetroot Raw Grated
Beetroot Raw Sliced
Beetroot Raw Strings
Beetroot Turned 25gr
Beetroot Wedges
Beetroot Whole Peeled
Broccoli Florets
Brussel Sprouts Prepared
Cabbage Shredded Red
Cabbage Shredded Savoy
Cabbage Shredded White
Carrots Baton
Carrots Cocotte 20gr
Carrots Diced
Carrots Grated
Carrots Hand Diced
Carrots Juice
Carrots Julienne
Carrots Olivetti 10gr
Carrots Olivetti 15gr
Carrots Olivetti 5gr
Carrots Parmentier
Carrots Ribbons
Carrots Rustic
Carrots Shoestring
Carrots Sliced
Carrots Turned 25gr
Carrots Whole Peeled
Carrots Whole Peeled Large
Cauliflower Florets
Celeriac Baton
Celeriac Cocotte 20gr
Celeriac Diced
Celeriac Grated
Celeriac Julienne
Celeriac Olivetti 10gr
Celeriac Olivetti 15gr
Celeriac Olivetti 5gr
Celeriac Turned 25gr
Celeriac Whole Peeled
Celery Batons
Celery Diced Hand Cut
Celery Hand Chopped
Celery Julienne
Celery Sliced Hand Cut
Chillis Green Fine Sliced
Chillis Red Fine Sliced
Coleslaw Dry Mix
Coleslaw Wet Mix
Courgettes Baton
Courgettes Cocotte 20gr
Courgettes Diced
Courgettes Julienne
Courgettes Olivette 10gr
Courgettes Olivette 15gr
Courgettes Olivette 5gr
Courgettes Parmentier
Courgettes Ribbons
Courgettes Shoestring
Courgettes Sliced
Courgettes Turned 25gr
Cucumber Baton
Cucumber Sliced
Garlic Peeled
Ginger Peeled
Iceberg Lettuce Shredded
Leeks Diced
Leeks Julienne
Leeks Roundels 10mm
Leeks Sliced Hand Cut
Leeks Whole Prepared
Minestrone Mix
Mouli Baton
Mouli Cocotte 20gr
Mouli Diced
Mouli Olivetti 10gr
Mouli Olivetti 15gr
Mouli Olivetti 5gr
Mouli Strings
Mouli Turned 25gr
Mushrooms Button Sliced
Mushrooms Chestnut Sliced
Mushrooms Cup Sliced
Mushrooms Horse Sliced
Mushrooms Oyster Sliced
Mushrooms Portabello Sliced
Mushrooms Shitaki Sliced
Onions Button Peeled
Onions Diced
Onions Red Diced
Onions Red Sliced
Onions Red Wedges
Onions Red Whole Peeled
Onions Rings
Onions Sliced
Onions Spring Sliced
Onions Wedges
Onions Whole Peeled
Parsnips Baton
Parsnips Cocotte 20gr
Parsnips Diced
Parsnips Olivetti 10gr
Parsnips Olivetti 15gr
Parsnips Olivetti 5gr
Parsnips Parmentier
Parsnips Sliced
Parsnips Turned 25gr
Parsnips Whole Peeled
Peppers Green Baton
Peppers Green Diced
Peppers Green Julienne
Peppers Green Sliced
Peppers Mixed Baton
Peppers Mixed Diced
Peppers Mixed Julienne
Peppers Mixed Sliced
Peppers Red Baton
Peppers Red Diced
Peppers Red Julienne
Peppers Red Sliced
Peppers Yellow Baton
Peppers Yellow Diced
Peppers Yellow Julienne
Peppers Yellow Sliced
Pomme Chateau
Pomme Chateau Baby
Pomme Chateau Maris Piper
Pomme Cocotte 25gr
Pomme Cocotte 35gr
Pomme Noisette
Pomme Nouville
Pomme Olivette 10gr
Pomme Olivette 15gr
Pomme Olivette 5gr
Pomme Parisiene
Pomme Parmentier
Pomme Pont Neuf
Pomme Pont Neuf Chippers Choice
Pomme Pont Neuf Maris Piper
Potatoes Baby Roast
Potatoes Cut Roast
Potatoes Diced
Potatoes Fondant (OVAL Shape)
Potatoes Fondant (ROUND Shape)
Potatoes Grated
Potatoes Peeled King Edwards
Potatoes Peeled Large
Potatoes Peeled Maris Piper
Potatoes Peeled Mids
Potatoes Red Diced
Potatoes Red Sliced
Potatoes Red Whole Peeled
Potatoes Shoestring
Potatoes Sliced
Potatoes Sliced King Edwards
Potatoes Sweet Diced
Potatoes Sweet Fondant (OVAL Shape)
Potatoes Sweet Fondant (ROUND Shape)
Potatoes Sweet Parmentier
Potatoes Sweet Sliced
Potatoes Sweet Whole Peeled
Potatoes Wedges
Potatoes Wedges Maris Piper
Pumpkins Diced
Pumpkins Parmentier
Pumpkins Whole Peeled
Ratatouille Mix
Shallots Banana Peeled
Shallots Round Peeled
Spaghetti Veg Mix
Spinach Picked
Spinach Picked And Washed
Squash Butternut Diced
Squash Butternut Parmentier
Squash Butternut Whole Peeled
Stir Fry Mix
Swede Baton
Swede Cocotte 20gr
Swede Diced
Swede Julienne
Swede Olivette 15gr
Swede Olivette 5gr
Swede Olivetti 10gr
Swede Parmentier
Swede Shoestring
Swede Turned 25gr
Swede Whole Peeled
Tomatoes Deseeded
Turnips Baton
Turnips Cocotte 20gr
Turnips Diced
Turnips Olivetti 10gr
Turnips Olivetti 15gr
Turnips Olivetti 5gr
Turnips Parmentier
Turnips Sliced
Turnips Turned 30gr
Turnips Whole Peeled
Vegetables Mixed Batons
Vegetables Mixed Diced
Vegetables Mixed Julienne
Vegetables Mixed Parmentier
Vegetables Mixed Roots
Vegetables Mixed Rustic
Vegetables Mixed Shoestring
Apple Juice
Apples Peeled And Cored
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad Exotic
Fruit Salad Tropical
Grapefruit Juice
Grapefruit Pink Juice
Grapefruit Pink Segments
Grapefruit Segments
Grapefruits Mixed Segments
Kiwi Diced
Kiwi Juice
Kiwi Peeled
Kiwi Sliced
Lemon Juice
Lemon Zest
Lime Juice
Lime Zest
Mandarine Segments
Mangoes Diced
Melon Balls Green
Melon Balls Mixed
Melon Balls Orange
Melon Balls Red
Melon Cantelope Diced
Melon Charantai Diced
Melon Galia Diced
Melon Honeydew Diced
Melon Water Juice
Melons Diced
Orange Blood Juice
Orange Juice
Orange Juice (VIP)
Orange Peeled
Orange Segments
Orange Sliced
Orange Zest
Papaya Diced
Pineapple Diced
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Slices

We have clients in both wholesale markets and service sector